NGW is the UK’s longest running, televised and touring family-friendly wrestling brand. Aired in over 34 countries worldwide and entertaining over 350,000 fans a year at around 150 live events annually, New Generation Wrestling offers our fans the ultimate in high action escapism and interactive, live action entertainment.

Not only is NGW about creating a new generation of wrestling fans but also, a new generation of wrestlers. When British wrestling finally returned to ITV1 after a 30-year absence from the channel, it was NGW’s top wrestlers and backstage team that played pivotal roles in making it happen. With multiple wrestling schools all over the UK, New Generation Wrestling believes in forging the future and introducing the stars of tomorrow to our fans today.

Over its ten-year history, NGW has grown from a local company in Hull, set up by a group of school friends to an established global entertainment brand. Despite the growth and changes, the original goal remains true - to create a fantastical world of action and adventure for all ages to enjoy.

We endeavour to present inspiring and uplifting stories of dedication and passion. Through the unique medium of professional wrestling, we want our fans to see that triumph over adversity is possible and hopefully inspire them to stay strong in the face of life’s many obstacles.

NGW is a comic book spectacular come to life, complete with heroes, villains and non-stop, action-packed excitement.

We bring the characteristics of mythical heroes and villains and transport their tales of good versus evil from books and films into a unique and live setting. We endorse a stronger set of rules that are often seen in pro wrestling, as we believe that without rules and boundaries to break or stick to, it’s harder for true heroes and villains to emerge. Our goal is to present positive role models, who stand up for virtue and courage.

Our larger than life heroes like Justin Sysum or Adam Maxted embody the strength and virtues of heroes of old like Hercules or, for a more contemporary audience, Superman. NGW star Robbie X may be one of the smallest men on the roster but with his unbelievable agility and speed, he shows audiences that it’s not the size of the dog in the fight that matters, but rather it’s the size of the fight in the dog. Just like the story of David and Goliath, Robbie X shows our fans that heart and courage is often an equal match for brawn alone.

Yet every super hero needs a super villain and NGW has a wide selection to choose from. Be it the pure ego and rule breaking of ‘The Showstealer’ Nathan Cruz or the 6’8” man mountain known as Lucas Steel, there are plenty of foes to keep our hero’s hands full, meaning that their next challenge is never very far away.

We present all these messages whilst also offering a show of jaw-dropping entertainment that can not only bring families and friends together, but can also see people from all walks of life coming together to revel in an adrenaline filled, live atmosphere.

This is why NGW comes complete with the tag line ‘Bring out the hero in you’. We believe that entertainment can also be aspirational and to us, all our fans are heroes in the making too.

In the colourful, high flying, action packed world of New Generation Wrestling not only do we want our fans to enjoy the show - we want them to be a part of it. By sharing in the triumphs and tribulations of their favourite NGW stars, our fans go on a live action journey that really is unlike anything else in either sport or entertainment. Through this unique process, we aim to give adults and children alike, a collection of unforgettable moments and memories that will stay with them forever and hopefully encourage them to ‘bring out the hero’ in themselves when it counts.


NGW Fact File

- NGW began in Hull, Yorkshire in 2008

- In 2012, NGW produced the first British wrestling match on national TV in over 25 years.

- NGW is seen by over 350,000 unique people every year at live events alone

- TV quiz show master Mark ‘The Beast’ Labett came on board as Executive Producer in 2016

- NGW has made special appearances on popular TV shows such as Come Dine With Me & Geordie Shore

- Nathan Cruz is the only 3-time NGW Champion

- Nathan also holds the record for the longest reign as NGW Champion at a massive 477 days

- Homegrown tag team, The Proven, held the tag team championships for a record smashing 553 days

- Matt Myers, Nathan Cruz & Stixx are the last remaining, regular NGW wrestlers who were a part of the first ever show in 2008.

- NGW’s long-running TV show ‘British Wrestling Weekly’ has aired in over 34 different countries.


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