4 Former Champions Enter The Destinty Rumble

Posted On 02-04-2017 18:34 GMT

Former NGW undisputed champion Rampage Brown, former GEN-X champion Bubblegum, former NGW tag team champion Colossus Kennedy and former NGW tag team and undisputed champion El Ligero have all officially been added to the 2017 Destiny Rumble!

RAMPAGE BROWN - A former champion, a former undisputed champion, one of the most dominant and dangerous men in British wrestling today, Rampage Brown is the second entrant announced in the NGW Destiny Rumble. Locked in titanic battle between Zack Gibson and Nathan Cruz, there can be no doubt that Rampage Brown will bring all of his fury to bear as he sets out to prove that regaining the gold is his rightful destiny.

BUBBLEGUM - The first ever GenX champion, Bubblegum, has made it quite clear that he's got his sights set on gold, not only for himself, but for his BAE, Chardonnay. Manchester's original bad boy will be certain to impress his personal one-woman-audience as he shows just how dangerous he can be as he competes in a twenty-man elimination rumble with a shot at the NGW Undisputed Championship on the line.

COLOSSUS KENNEDY - With news that Stixx has retired from active competition, his former tag-team partner, Colossus, has found a new focus. But, what direction will the Biggest Man in British Wrestling take as he seeks his own Destiny?

EL LIGERO - A former undisputed champion, a former tag team champion, and a former NGW champion, El Ligero is far from a stranger to NGW gold. Already announced as a competitor in the GenX Number 1 Contender's Match, El Ligero is doubling down on his opportunities as an entrant in the Destiny Rumble, with a chance to be the Number 1 Contender for the NGW Undisputed Championship. He may be close friends with current GenX and NGW Undisputed Champion, Matt Myers, but this won't stop El Ligero from seizing an opportunity to get one step closer to the most televised championship in British wrestling today.