4 More Names Added To The Destiny Rumble

Posted On 02-04-2017 18:50 GMT

Zack Gibson, Joe Hendry, Caz Crash and Liam Slater have officially been added to the 2017 Destiny Rumble!

ZACK GIBSON - The first ever Davey Boy Smith Tournament Cup winner spent much of 2016 in a bitter rivalry with The Showstealer Nathan Cruz as both men fought to be seen as British wrestling's number one, whilst battling fending off the advance of The Control. Zack Gibson has made it clear that he is an undisputed champion in the making and sees the Destiny Rumble as his opportunity to dominate the competition. The winner of the Destiny Rumble will have a guaranteed NGW Undisputed Championship title shot and there can be no doubt that Liverpool's Number One will be taking aim when he returns to Hull City Hall on Friday 7th April.

JOE HENDRY - As one of the holders of the NGW Tag Team Championships, Joe Hendry knows the prestige of the gold and wants to add to the collection. Exploiting the favourable terms that he, Lionheart and Kid Fite have set in their NGW Tag Team Champions contracts, Joe Hendry has ensured a place in the Destiny Rumble, giving him the opportunity at greatness that he feels he deserves. Will Joe Hendry be able to overcome 19 other men to stand victorious, or will his cohorts make an appearance to even the odds?

CAZ CRASH - Caz Crash, one half of The Proven, has seen something of a renaissance in NGW, despite ongoing, some would say "obsessive", interference from Richie West. With his popularity on the rise, Caz Crash has proven that he's more than just a puppet for West and, since the dissolution of The Control, has sought to control his own destiny. Now, he's taking on his biggest opportunity, with a chance to become Number One Contender for the NGW Undisputed Championship as he enters the Destiny Rumble. Could Caz Crash have found his calling?

LIAM SLATER - The former party boy of British wrestling has found himself in the thrall of Joseph Conners though still shows far too many signs of independence for the master manipulator's liking. As Conners plays mind games in his quest for glory against Matt Myers, Liam Slater has found himself with a place in the Destiny Rumble, but has thismoment been earned thanks to Slater's phenomenal talents and popularity or granted to him by the man who is intent on leaving him a shattered remnant of his past? Will we see the life and soul of NGW or the fractured soul?