Liam Slater teams with JD Boom!

By NGW Admin
Posted On 03-04-2016 11:50 GMT

The last time we were at Beverley Memorial Hall, NGW fans saw the ever popular Liam Slater teach Proving Ground fan favourite JD Boom two important lessons - how to dance and how to climb to the top turnbuckle and perform, for JD Boom, some high risk maneuvers.

To say that JD Boom was grateful was an understatement and it seems that a new, somewhat unlikely, partnership has formed, with Slater intent on improving Boom's game and Boom intent on showing that he can blow the roof off any show.

It seems, however, that this new friendship hasn't gone unnoticed by others in the Proving Ground locker room, with Leon Mercer and Stan Kellitt, collectively known as The Rogue's Gallery, taking exception to the spectacle that is JD Boom and the talented Liam Slater. They've had their eye on the pair for some time now, even going as far as kidnapping JD Boom's Super Best Friend, Kev Cash!

The Rogue's Gallery have decided it's their time to take the Proving Ground and Liam Slater and JD Boom are the perfect targets, but Liam Slater is far from a pushover and JD Boom is a man who constantly surprises.

Will Liam Slater be able to push JD Boom to his best match ever, or will The Rogue's Gallery deliver an exhibition of excellence?

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