Sami Callihan opponent announced

By NGW Admin
Posted On 02-05-2016 18:17 GMT


Sami Callihan has made a name for himself on the global stage, including a successful three years in NXT, with his unpredictable, innovative offense. Despite many wrestling fans knowing his name, whether as Callihan or Solomon Crowe, he remains a man of mystery - an individual who never reveals his true intentions, even when his opponent lay, destroyed, at his feet. His presence in NGW has already raised eyebrows and many NGW stars have petitioned the NGW Board of Directors to find out why Callihan is here.

Mark Haskins has made his opinion of anyone who claims to be a star quite clear. He makes sure that nobody shines brighter than The Star Attraction and he's willing to go to devastating lengths to extinguish anyone who may try, with undeniable authority. With the NGW General Manager, Richie West, continuing to exercise political and financial power behind the scenes, the head of The Control has used yet another bargaining chip to secure Haskins this opportunity.

On May 28th, at Hull City Hall, two internationally recognised stars collide in an epic encounter that has been months in the making. Book your tickets now at or the Hull City Hall Box Office.

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