Joseph Conners Vs Liam Slater

By NGW Admin
Posted On 04-03-2016 14:57 GMT

Over the past months, Liam Slater has been fighting to retain his high spirits against the constant onslaught of The Righteous Joseph Connersand his allies. He continues to be a shining light in the ring, with the fans firmly behind the young star, but the cracks are starting to show.

Joseph Conners has made it his quest to destroy everything Liam Slater holds dear, whilst demonstrating his skill as the master of malevolent mind games. With Lillith by his side - and the Crown Prince of Deception, Dara Diablo, not too far away - Conners has robbed Slater of his best friend,Dan James; drawn Dan Slater, Liam's own brother, into his web of intrigue and made victims of Slater's closest friends, including 'The Mexican Sensation' El Ligero and Robbie X.

On 19th March, a storm is brewing as the brightest young star in NGW takes on the darkest force in British wrestling in one-on-one competition at Collision Course at Borough Hall in Hartlepool.

Tickets for this event are available from book now to guarantee your seat.