Champion Vs Champion

By NGW Admin
Posted On 11-04-2016 22:05 GMT

Champion vs Champion - History making showdown in Pudsey, Leeds!

For the first time in the history of New Generation Wrestling, the inaugural Gen X champion, Bubblegum, faces the NGW Undisputed Champion, The Showstealer Nathan Cruz, and it's happening in Pudsey, Leeds on 8 May.

In the hands of Nathan Cruz, the NGW Undisputed Championship has been a beacon, drawing contenders from across the country. Cruz has made it his mission to defend the title with pride and honour, and steps into the ring as the very soul of New Generation Wrestling.

Bubblegum has turned the GenX League into his own battleground, the perfect arena to indulge his arrogance and zeal. Victory after victory has led many to question his motives, but one thing is clear - as long as Bubblegum is the centre of his own world, he'll do everything to keep hold of the GenX trophy.

Neither Cruz nor Bubblegum will want to be on the losing end of this epic non-title clash as two champions with two very different approaches to success do battle.

Tickets are available direct from Pudsey Civic Hall or online

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