3 years of history ends with this!

By NGW Admin
Posted On 18-04-2016 14:50 GMT


Three Men, One Undisputed Title - The Ultimate Showdown!

For the first time in NGW's storied history, the NGW Undisputed Championship will be contested in a momentous three-way battle for supremacy that could very well shape the future of the company and British wrestling.

With "The Showstealer" Nathan Cruz as the NGW Undisputed Champion, the fans have seen the return of one of the brightest stars in British wrestling, a man who has defined the term "champion". He has defeated challengers from all over the country as he has become a target for the most dangerous men in British wrestling today. His undeniable talent has led to international interest that can only increase his standing as one of the most sought after champions today.

Rampage Brown has shown that he's a man on a mission - a former NGW Undisputed Champion, losing the title has driven him to extremes of violence as he has been on a destructive quest to recapture the gold. The Beast of The Control has laid waste the past, present and future of British wrestling with impunity and he has never, for one moment, taken his eyes off the ultimate prize - the NGW Undisputed Championship.

Liverpool's Number One Zack Gibson has had a phenomenal year, demonstrating a ferocious streak that has seen him claw his way up to mountain and into the main event picture. Whilst lesser men would cower in the presence of powerhouses like Nathan Cruz and Rampage Brown, Gibson has stood toe-to-toe with both men, been Cruz's reluctant teammate and saviour and been a thorne in the side of The Control for many, many months.

The last time these three men were in the ring, a brawl ensued that threatened to consume the NGW locker room. Now, the match has been signed and the future of the NGW Undisputed Championship has never been in greater jeopardy as Nathan Cruz, the reigning and defending champion, must overcome two of the most dominant forces in British wrestling today. Pride, fury and desire could make or break all three men as, on 28th May, at Hull City Hall, the most bitter of rivalries comes to a head and only one man will leave as the NGW Undisputed Champion.

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