Tag grudge match at Full Force

By NGW Admin
Posted On 22-01-2016 13:21 GMT


'The Righteous' Joseph Conners seems to be making a bigger and bigger impact on NGW as the weeks and months go on. His dominance has begun to show not just inside the ring, where he has a series of very impressive victories under his belt, but also outside the ring.

Along with the appearance of his mysterious female friend, Lillith, the last few months have seen Dan James turn on his best friend Liam Slater and align with Conners and Dara Diablo, in the midst of a heated fued against his former tag partner El Ligero.

Our last show in Hull saw the group about to unmask El Ligero only for the save to be made by Slater, of course assisting Ligero, but also writing the wrongs of Conners, James, Lillith & Diablo.

Messages from Conners, seen recently by regular viewers of NGW British Wrestling Weekly, have become increasingly dark and enigmatic. Conners and Diablo team up for the first time here against the NGW dream team of Ligero & Slater, which is sure to be nothing but heated with these four strong characters in the ring.

Tickets are still available from www.ngwuk.com or direct from Pudsey Civic Hall.

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