Gen-X Match just got a whole lot bigger!

By NGW Admin
Posted On 16-02-2016 16:56 GMT


Originally scheduled for our TV taping and return to Liverpool Olympia on Sunday 21st February was a singles clash between the first ever Gen-X Champion, Bubblegum & 'Flash' Morgan Webster.

With Gilligan's recent claims that there's a 'conspiracy against Mike 'Wildboar' Hitchman', (seen here: and then the admittedly very impressive win against contender, Flash Morgan, seen on this week's NGW British Wrestling Weekly, NGW felt there was no choice but to add Wildboar to the GenX Championship in Liverpool.

On the same evening that Wildboar beat Flash Morgan under Gen-X rules despite a distraction from Chardonnay & Bubblegum, 'The Amazing' Matt Myers came within one second of making Bubblegum's first defence...his last! So NGW decided, that whilst changes were being made, it was only fair that Myers got another chance too, much to the annoyance of Gilligan Gordon.

This means we have our first ever Gen-X four way! These guys have got 10 minutes to get the win to be Gen-X Champion, throw in the outside influences of Chardonnay & Gilligan Gordon and this could be absolute chaos!

Tickets available now from or direct from Liverpool Olympia.

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