Last Man Standing

By NGW Admin
Posted On 20-06-2016 11:49 GMT


Former friends, former tag team champions, former brothers-in-arms, there was a time when The Mexican Sensation El Ligero and Dara Diablo were inseparable. They fought off the competition together, they supported each other in their singles careers and they celebrated late into the night with each victory. Ma familia had never been stronger.

However, things took a sinister turn when Dara Diablo cost El Ligero so much. Embittered by the support that El Ligero carried with him to every venue in every city, Diablo was instrumental in robbing El Ligero of the NGW championship, as well as of much more. A relentless destructive storm was unleashed across NGW, with Diablo striking El Ligero's closest friends in his quest to unveil the man behind the mask.

Even when he unmasked The Mexican Sensation, Diablo's thirst for destruction wasn't sated. He held onto the mask, taunting his former friend and allying himself with the equally dangerous Joseph Conners as he turned his attention, once again, to those who El Ligero held close and continued to rain punishment onto the man he had called his brother. 

Throughout all of this, El Ligero has been the shining light of NGW, a beacon cutting through the darkness and leading the way for any that would follow him. Whilst Diablo and Conners may have set their sights on El Ligero, he has kept his mind firmly on his goal - entertaining British wrestling fans in the much-contested GenX League, in blistering singles action against the best in the country and in tag team action with those he calls friends. Opponents have fallen victim to his unparalleled lightning fast offense and he has remained one of the brightest of stars, despite the maelstrom that is brewing around him.

The dark clouds are boiling over with thunder, and it appears that the storm could finally break at Hull City Hall on Saturday 16th July as NGW presents The Eight Year Anniversary Show. Only one man will walk away from this conflict - the Last Man Standing.

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