El Ligero challenges for the Gen-X Championship

By NGW Admin
Posted On 05-05-2016 12:21 GMT


As many of his opponents would attest, facing The Mexican Sensation El Ligero is akin to facing a mighty bird of prey - he flies with the grace of an eagle and strikes with the speed of a falcon. A true fan favourite, El Ligero is a man without equal in British wrestling today, a man who defines the athleticism and strength that has come to define cruiserweights - he has that X-Factor that makes him stand out wherever he appears and whoever he faces.

If El Ligero is a regal bird of prey, Bubblegum is a vulture - a scavenger who picks over his prey when its at the weakest point, claiming glory for himself and doing it with as much noise as possible. To say Bubblegum is an attention seeker is an understatement, as his controversial reign as the GenX champion has shown. With Chardonnay, his one-woman-audience, never too far away, Bubblegum has toppled opponents in questionable circumstances. He's dangerous when cornered, belligerent when provoked and a nasty piece of work at all other times.

Both men have encountered each other previously, with El Ligero beating Bubblegum on national television in a GenX rules match, though this taster of GenX action wasn't for the GenX Trophy that Bubblegum would go on to win! Now, El Ligero gets his chance to take on Bubblegum once again and will be looking to end the reign of the arrogant champion once and for all. Bubblegum, however, has proven, time and again, that victory is something that he will secure at any cost. Bubblegum alongside his 'bae' Chardonnay has taken full advantage of the 10 minute time limit GenX rules during his reign so far as champion, narrowly avoiding defeat to Matt Myers by literally one second of a pinfall on a recent British Wrestling Weekly.

On 28th May, at Hull City Hall, the GenX Trophy is on the line, and only one man can walk away in this Ultimate Showdown. Tickets are available from www.britishwrestling.tv or direct from Hull City Hall Box Office on 01482 300 300 and are already in high demand with front row sold out and 2nd & 3rd very close too.

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