Huge Tag Match for Destiny 2016

By NGW Admin
Posted On 18-01-2016 14:01 GMT

At our last visit to Liverpool Olympia, the show ended with an attack by The Control on Nigel McGuinness & ‘Liverpool’s No.1’ Zack Gibson, but as seen on NGW British Wrestling Weekly, it was Gibson's long time rival who made the save. One must assume that this was more to do with Cruz's issues with The Control than a new found friendship with Gibson. Whilst the two have always acknowledged the respect they have for each other's in ring ability, it's no secret that the pair feel they are better than the other.

The end of Eternal Glory at Christmas saw Rampage Brown & Richie West try to draw out a rematch from the hot headed Cruz by returning the favour of a slap in the face. In a rage, the Showstealer accepted which brought out Gibson who pointed out if that's all it takes to get a title shot, he'll do it himself. His attempted slap was blocked by Cruz leading to a massive three way pull apart brawl. 

Earlier in the night on our last visit to the Liverpool Olympia, Cruz took on Rampage's Control team mate, ‘Star Attraction’ Mark Haskins and just about left still NGW Undisputed Champion. Now we return to the Olympia with this huge tag match as Control members Haskins & Rampage join forces in a formidable tag team that would surely be feared by anybody. Across from the ring from them will be Gibson & Cruz bringing up the obvious question - how will these two get along in Gibson's hometown?

Tickets available now from and direct from the Liverpool Olympia Box Office.

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