Rampage vs Cruz in Hartlepool

By NGW Admin
Posted On 08-03-2016 10:54 GMT

Since becoming the NGW Undisputed Champion, "The Showstealer" Nathan Cruz has made it a point of honour that he'll face any contender and has found himself up against the best and most dangerous in British wrestling today, including former champions, close friends and bitter enemies.

There are few men, however, more dangerous than Rampage Brown, who has made it a personal mission to dethrone The Showstealer and regain the championship and what he sees as his rightful place at the top of the NGW. He's cut a swathe of destruction across the NGW roster, though been unable to destroy his nemesis, Nathan Cruz.

With the financial power of Richie West, head of The Control, Rampage Brown will, once more, collide with Nathan Cruz following a devastating encounter at Keighley that saw interference from West, Caz Crash and Sam Wilder. NGW fans held their breath as they saw just how far Brown would go to get his hands on the gold.

With the numbers well and truly in favour of The Control, could Nathan Cruz's days as champion be numbered? Find out, on Saturday 19th of March in Hartlepool as Nathan Cruz and Rampage Brown are on a Collision Course.

Tickets available now from www.ngwuk.com or from the Hartlepool Box Office on 01429 890000 or the Tourist Information Centre, Church Square, TS24 7EQ - buy now to secure your seat.

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