Slater takes on a big challenge

By NGW Admin
Posted On 10-05-2016 16:22 GMT

Since losing the Undisputed Championship, Rampage Brown has not only been more focused than ever, he's been more dangerous than ever. Determined to win the championship back and bring the glory back to The Control, Rampage is seemingly leaving nothing standing in his path.

The man in his path as we return to Northallerton on Friday 27th May will be the ultimate underdog, Liam Slater. His phenomenal popularity wherever he travels has been a highlight of NGW shows for the past 12 months now. But despite this popularity, success has not always been automatic for the former NGW Academy student. Fan of British Wrestling Weekly will be aware of the fact that Liam is still waiting for his first televised singles win. His development has not been helped by the recent mind games of Joseph Conners & Lillith, which has led to NGW fans seeing a different side to Slater.

Our return to The Forum, Northallerton will be just 24 hours before Rampage's big three way clash with Nathan Cruz & Zack Gibson for the NGW Undisputed Champion. Richie West is proclaiming this is the perfect warm up match for his client, Rampage Brown. But could Liam Slater pull out, what would be, one of the biggest shocks in NGW history? Or will the mysterious games of Joseph Conners continue to play too heavy on the mind of the young stand out star?

Tickets are still available from, direct from The Forum or from Popcorn Skate in the town centre

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