Liam Slater & El Ligero team up again

By NGW Admin
Posted On 25-04-2016 20:56 GMT

El Ligero and Liam Slater - one of the country's best and one of the country's brightest - have encountered dark times in NGW recently, with an onslaught from Joseph Conners and Dara Diablo leading to the fracturing of Slater's sanity and the unmasking of The Mexican Sensation. It seems the mind games have only just started as both men try to overcome the shadows that have started to engulf them.

The Proven have become increasingly brazen in their attitude to other tag teams and have seized a number of opportunities to cement their role as NGW's most dangerous duo. As the jackals of The Control, they've become exceedingly skilled predators, picking the moment when their prey is at its weakest to attack with devastating effect.

With Caz Crash and Sam Wilder smelling blood, they've demanded the opportunity to face two of the most popular stars in NGW and demonstrate their dominance. Richie West, the head of The Control, has used his immense political power amongst the NGW Board of Directors to ensure that this match will go ahead - partly to sate his ego and partly to remind NGW just where the power lay.

Could The Proven push the pair to breaking point or will El Ligero and Liam Slater, once more, overcome the odds and stand united in victory? Join us in Pudsey on May 8th to find out.

Tickets available from or direct from Pudsey Civic Hall.

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