Start time put back for Hull City!

By NGW Admin
Posted On 20-05-2016 16:15 GMT


With Hull City achieving great success in making it to the play-off final with a place in the Premier League at stake, we want to make sure the people of Hull can enjoy both events on Saturday 28th May!

The start time for Ultimate Showdown will be delayed until no earlier than 7.20pm, giving you more than enough time to make your way to Hull City Hall after the game.

Not a football fan? Don't worry, we've got you covered. We'll still be opening the doors at 6.30pm as usual and we will be putting on an EXTRA BONUS match at the regular scheduled start time of 7pm for those who choose to join us then.

With 2017 creeping up quickly, it's such a great time for the city of Hull. Let's hope Hull City can get the win. What a day next weekend it could be for football and wrestling fans in Hull. We can't wait!

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