Rampage runs the gauntlet

Posted On 17-04-2018 21:17 GMT

The fifth competitor has been announced for the 10th Anniversary Show gauntlet match on Bank Holiday Sunday May 6.

Rampage Brown, a two time former NGW Champion and current associate of Richie West, is an unstoppable force in NGW. Recently, he's shown the lengths he will go to for victory, ending the career of the hugely popular Liam Slater.

With the broadsword of British wrestling now proving to be a scalpel of efficient brutality, Rampage Brown is even more focused and dangerous and even Richie West doesn't know exactly what his associate will do as he joins Matt Myers, Screwface, El Ligero and Justin 'The Hammer' Sysum in the gauntlet match at Hull City Hall.

There are still more names to be announced for this special event . Tickets are available from http://www.ngwuk.com/event.php?id=138