Brave Conner's 10th birthday NGW dream

Posted On 21-04-2018 09:40 GMT

All brave little Conner Collins wants to do is celebrate his 10th birthday with his favourite wrestling superstars.

So Conner was delighted when his NGW heroes made a surprise visit just days after the Beverley schoolboy had life-saving lung surgery.

The nine-year-old wrestling super-fan was left speechless when the masked ‘Mexican Sensation’ El Ligero and David ‘The Grafter’ Graves stopped by his hospital bed on Friday.

Now Conner, who had just come through 12-and-a-half hours of surgery to have two-thirds of his right lung removed, is aiming to recover in time to return the favour – by cheering on his heroes on his birthday.

All the wrestling-daft lad can think about is going to our own 10th Anniversary Show at Hull City Hall on Bank Holiday Sunday, May 6 so he can celebrate his 10th birthday which falls on the same day as ours.

Conner has VIP tickets to the show and his mum Sammy-Jo Proctor said his love of wrestling has helped him survive the rare lung condition which left him fighting for his life.

“Conner wants to be a wrestler - that’s what’s got him through it,” she said.

“He lives for wrestling, he talks about it 24 hours a day.

“All he talks about is being at NGW’s 10th Anniversary Show on his 10th birthday.”

When the wrestlers arrived at Leeds General Hospital on Friday, Conner was “grinning from ear to ear”.

“He was so happy to see them,” said Sammy-Jo.

“I can’t thank NGW enough. It was a lovely surprise for him and he was absolutely speechless. He goes to all of their shows with his dad Nick.”

Rich Dunn, NGW promoter, said: “Conner is our biggest fan.

“The staff and wrestlers at NGW have been blown away by Conner’s commitment despite all the adversity he’s going through at the moment.

"It was really important to us to make a difference and put a smile on his face.

“Having Conner support us also makes a huge difference to us and it’s a privilege for us to produce something that he enjoys so much.”

David Graves said visiting Conner was “a super rewarding morning”.

“He’s tough,” said ‘The Grafter’.

“He wants to start training to be a wrestler when he’s fit and well.”

Conner has been ill for some time but Sammy-Jo said there was a real fight to get doctors to take his condition seriously.

“He started coughing up blood in the middle of last year. He was misdiagnosed. They said he had asthma.

“But then at Christmas, he got pneumonia. The internal bleeding started more and more. They found he had a malformation on his right lung, like a birthmark.”

Sammy-Jo said he’s still in a lot of pain after the operation on Monday.

“He could have lost his life,” said Sammy-Jo.

“It’s heartbreaking. I just want to get him home.

“He thinks he’s a wrestler and that he can take the pain. He says: ‘Don’t worry mum, I’ve got this’.

“He’s such an amazing little boy. Everybody says what a little gentleman he is.

“I don’t know how he’s got through it. I couldn’t have done it.”

Sammy-Jo said her son is obsessed with wrestling.

“He knows everything about everybody, what all the wrestlers eat, what they weigh, where they’re from. He buys two packs of wrestling cards every day. He has five toy wrestling rings, every action figure under the sun. He’s taken about 50 action figures to hospital with him.

“Once he’s home no doubt I’ll be sitting with him in bed watching wrestling on TV for the next six months. It drives me insane! But I’ll do anything to keep him happy.”

She also said that she hopes Conner’s story will act as an inspiration and warning to others.

“Sometimes doctors aren’t right. Parents shouldn’t sit back. If there’s a problem with your child, follow your gut instinct. Get answers.”