Cruz vs Maxted signed for Keighley

Posted On 21-05-2018 13:49 GMT

Adam 'Flex' Maxted, amiliar to fans of ITV's Love Island, has won over the hearts of NGW fans thanks to his breathtaking combination of talent and athleticism. Anywhere he appears, he turns heads for all the right reasons and many consider him to a future global breakout in British wrestling.

The Showstealer Nathan Cruz, the current NGW Undisputed Champion, wants to remind Maxted that there's only one focal point in NGW, and that's the Showstealer himself. He plans to show Maxted that he will always live in the shadow of a man who has been on television around the globe and will shortly continue to steal the show for a whole new audience. He's so confident that he's offering Adam Maxted an opportunity to win the NGW Undisputed Championship.

This will be a must-see encounter for British wrestling fans as NGW returns to Victoria Hall in Keighley THIS SUNDAY May 27. Don't miss out, book your tickets today from