Sysum-Cruz rematch set

Posted On 16-11-2018 13:47 GMT

The new NGW Undisputed Champion will be appearing at Victoria Hall in Keighley and bringing with him a new era for NGW.

Having defeated Nathan Cruz at our recent Hull City Hall show, 'Superhuman' Justin Sysum walks into Keighley with his head held high, proud to be defending NGW championship with the heart of a true champion.

Nathan Cruz, however, has made it quite clear that NGW is "Nathan Generation Wrestling" and that anyone who holds his championship is just taking care of it until he decides he will take it back. He sees Sysum as nothing more than a flash-in-the-pan star whereas he's had a decade at the top of his game.

On November 25 at Victoria Hall in Keighley, Justin Sysum will be on a Collision Course with Nathan Cruz and only one man can leave as the NGW Champion.

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